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I began blogging at in March of 2010 but have decided to bring the blog to the new website for multiple reasons. This new version of the website presents an overview of Trans-Species Modeling Theory (TSMT) and contains links to articles and other presentations explaining and expanding on TSMT. Putting the blog here allows the interested person to kind of have one-stop shopping. I have links to some of the old blogs on the Resources section under Blogs and more can be found by searching the Opposing Views website. That having been said, I still maintain what I said in my first blog on Opposing Views: “Many controversies can be studied using the Internet, for example creation versus evolution, the validity of complementary and alternative medicine, and the use of animals in science. But in order to really understand the nitty gritty science behind all these subjects one needs to go back to the last century. One needs to read books.”

This blog, and indeed this website, is intended to be educational but there is a caveat. Just as one cannot learn chemistry from reading blogs so one cannot appreciate the intricacies of TSMT with out a broad background in science in general and more knowledge in specific areas of science. If you are new to evaluating the role of animal models in science, research, and testing, and have a good science background, I suggest you go to the Resources section and read the suggested articles in the articles section. If you find science difficult and have little background in it, I suggest you start with our book: FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science: A handbook for the scientifically perplexed.

My blogs will assume a certain familiarity with science and critical thinking although I will try to link to explanations for certain concepts introduced in the essay that might not be well-known to everyone. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to give us feedback via the contact page.